About Our Extracts


Grown by us, made by us and taken by us.


  • Ultrasound Extraction

    Our extracts are prepared using ultrasound extraction, a modern and efficient method that ensures complete extraction of bioactive compounds without the need for excessive heat or alcohol. This method preserves the integrity of the medicinal compounds and optimizes their bioavailability. 1

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  • Alcohol-Free

    Unlike dual-extracts, our lion's mane extracts are alcohol-free, eliminating the harsh flavor that can deter regular consumption. This also ensures the preservation of delicate compounds that lose solubility and quality in alcohol.

  • Glycerin-based

    Our extracts use glycerin as a carrier and encapsulater, providing a better flavor profile and enhancing the absorption of the bioactive compounds, ensuring maximum benefits from the mushrooms.


    As a reputable mushroom farmer in central florida, we grow our own lion's mane mushrooms, ensuring the highest quality of extracts. This level of control over the entire process guarantees a superior product compared to other extracts on the market. We also seasonally grow sun-grown lions mane for our extracts!

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  • Liposomal Formulation

    We employ a liposomal delivery system to maximize the bioavailability of our mushroom extracts, allowing for efficient absorption and utilization of the medicinal compounds. 2

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