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Lion's Mane Triple Extract

Lion's Mane Triple Extract

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Our Lion's Mane Triple Extract is made using our own patent pending process that provides a sweet and fruity taste not found in other extracts. We use fresh Lion's Mane grown on our farm & ultrasonic assisted extraction to ensure that our extract contains higher concentrations of bioactive compounds than traditional Dual extraction methods and tinctures. This makes our extract more potent and bioavailable than other products on the market.

 Lion's Mane is the Ultimate way to start your day!

Pairs well with Reishi Ultrasound Extract for a AM/PM solution




Our extract is alcohol-free, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and made using organic ingredients ensuring that it is suitable for anyone looking to improve their cognition, health and well-being.


Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, Glycerin, Lion's Mane Mushroom fruiting body, Sunflower Lecithin, distilled water

2oz contains approx 60 droppers full or servings

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  • ultrasound


    Low frequency soundwaves break down the chitin cell wall of the mushrooms releasing polar and non-polar compounds without solvents or excessive heat and minimizing degrading sought after compounds 1

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  • liposomal


    Glycerin and phosphatidylcholine sourced from sunflowers form a lipid bi-layer, called a Liposome, encapsulating the compounds in a protective bubble, greatly increasing absorption and bio-availability 2

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  • Fresh Lions Mane Mushroom


    Fresh Lion's Mane is used to ensure minimal degradation before extraction. Resin Rich Freshly Harvested Lion's Mane provides the best source for a potent extract.

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  • Domestically grown


    We grow our own Lions Mane right here in Florida! When season permits we grow sun-grown as well, sticking to our commitment to provide the highest quality possible.

  • Morning


    Lions Mane is the active shroom in mushroom coffees and can boost your cognitive energy, a great experience first thing in the morning!

  • apple


    Zero alcohol harness, customers tend to rave about the flavor of combining apple cider vinegar and glycerin. Our own Patent Pending process provides a sweet and fruity taste found only in our extracts.


    Neurogenesis is the formation of new neurons in the brain and nervous system. This may contribute to enhanced cognition including better memory, mood, and focus. Hericenones and erinacines, stimulate Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) production in the brain by passing the blood-brain barrier 3.


    Decreasing brain inflammation allows proper circulation and minimizes build up of waste products in the brain. This relieves brain fog and improves mood, motor function and focus. 4.


    Neuroplasticity is the connection between neurons. This may cause an improvement in creativity, problem solving, recall and also promote a better mood though decision making. 5

What is Lion's Mane Mushroom?

Lion's Mane Mushroom(Hericium erinaceus) has been used as a food in the diets of Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years for its cooling nature and benefiting digestion. Lion's Mane is called "Hou Tou Gu" which translates to "Monkey Head Mushroom" in Chinese and "Yamabushidake" in Japanese translates to "Mountain Priest Mushroom"

The first observation of Lions Mane benefiting the brain was in 2008, when Japanese researcher, Koichiro Mori and his team published their findings of Lion's Mane stimulating Nerve Growth Factor.

Promising research findings caused the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation to give Lion's Mane some attention, igniting interest and incorporation in the western world.

Lion's Mane is a round, soft, white furry looking mushroom that looks like a brain.

Wild foragers in the west may refer to Lions Mane as Pop Pom Mushroom, Bearded Tooth Mushroom, Bears Head, and Hedgehog Mushroom.

What does research say so far?

Lion's Mane research has exploded since Mori's findings, amassing 353 research papers published in english on PubMed alone. Focus of research has been its role in stimulating Nerve Growth Factor(NGF), rebuilding the myelin sheath and aiding to reverse cognitive decline. More human-based research is sought to learn more about the functions of Lions Mane, as with anything else.

What has made Lion's Mane stand out and gain so much attention is its ability to pass the blood brain barrier, possibly by both directly and indirectly, increasing levels of NGF though more multiple mechanisms.

What is the Anecdotal Experience?

When taken sublingually it is not uncommon for customers to report that they can "feel" the extract. This is due to the quick delivery into the blood stream, causing noticeable results in a short time frame. Lion's Mane may reduce inflammation in the brain releasing the pressures of brain fog and allowing for a more smooth and focused start to the day. Lion's Mane may also help improve mood and increase sociability. Better memory recall and focus may improve for studying or everyday tasks. Improvement in reflexes and motor skills. Everyone can benefit from Lion's Mane regardless of age or cognitive demands. Elders are often encouraged to try it by friends and loved ones and many do use Lion's Mane regularly to stay keen. Research is occuring in nursing hopes to support use case in elders. I personally take this extract every day to support me in running my business, maintaining current education and being available as much as possible for my customers and supporting an overall awesome mood!

How is our extract different?

Why strive for change? As a mushroom farmer for a number of years, and having a previous background in health, fitness and supplements, I wanted to fully incorporate the greatness mushrooms have to offer. I began by researching the best practices, which initially led to creating a Lions Mane dual-extract, a market standard. But from watching the extraction process and mixing the water and alcohol, I noticed something was off and started to ask a lot of questions. The rich color from the separate extractions vanished when mixed. This was due to the alcohol knocking polysaccharides out of solution. I was also receiving feedback from my customers at my farmers markets reporting the Lion's Mane Tincture was hard to take regularly due to the harsh flavor from the alcohol.

From there I sought for how to extract fat-soluble or non-polar compounds without solvents or alcohol, Ultra-sound Assisted Extraction was the solution. This has led to a noticeable significant development in effectiveness of not only the process of extraction, but the delivery of compounds into circulation. This in turn lead to the adoption of Liposomal Delivery, a modern method of micro encapsulation, that allows the compounds to pass through digestion successfully and be absorbed at a higher rate. Common Powders, Pills and non-encapsulated Lion's Mane supplements like can have a 15% absorption rate, Liposomal Delivery can increase this by orders of magnitude.

In an effort to create a more "full-spectrum" extract, meaning it contains more of what you would find in the whole mushroom, Apple Cider Vinegar is added in our process. This allows vitamins and minerals to be included in the final production, water and alcohol do not pull these effectively.

By recognizing something was missing I was able to recover maintaining the rich color from a proper extraction process and make my customers happy by providing an extract that tastes amazing!


How do I use Lion's Mane Ultrasound extract?

1-3 ML per day, you may increase dosage as desired. Sublingual provides the highest absorption, allow to sit under the tongue for 30-60 sec, the flavor is sweet and not harsh like traditional alcohol tinctures. May also be used in teas, coffees or any other drink.

Are there any side effects to using Lion's Mane extract?

Lion's Mane mushrooms are generally considered safe for consumption. However, individuals with allergies to mushrooms should avoid using Lion's Mane extract. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions or are taking medications.

How long does it take to see the benefits of our Lion's Mane Ultrasound extract?

The time it takes to experience the benefits of Lion's Mane extract may vary depending on individual factors, such as age, overall health, and the specific product used. Some users may notice improvements within a few weeks, while others may take longer to see noticeable results. Some experience a change in perception within 15-30 mins when taken sub-lingual, it all depends on the desired results and our own situations, but most people report experiencing a perceived change in mood and focus from their first dose taken sublingual

Is Lions Mane safe for pets?

Yes! I give my own dog Lions Mane extract with his food every day. Lions Mane can be just as helhelpful for pet as it can be for us. Just be mindful pets are a fraction of our weight, needing only 0.25-0.5ml per day

Can I add Lions Mane extract to make my own mushroom coffee?

Definitely! This is a way more cost effective option to mushroom coffees on the market, focusing on the active mushroom most of what people are experiencing. With our extract, you can get a full dose of lions mane instead of a partial dose from multi-mushroom blends