About Our Farm


Based in Deltona, Florida serving Central Florida


  • Sustainability

    We grow all of our mushrooms using the most sustainable practices at our disposal. We strive to make more mushrooms available, for all!

  • Quality

    The most delicious varieties available, as fresh as possible. Care and quality of inputs, including fresh air and water are assured.

  • Freshness

    Buying fresh shrooms directly from the farmers elimates the distabtuion and brings shrooms from farm to table. The same freshness is found in our extracts.

  • Sun-Grown Shrooms(Seasonal)

    During the cooler months, October-March, we open up the greenhouses and allow our mushrooms to absorb the goodness from the sun. By spending their entire fruiting cycle outdoor we can allow them to produce maximum Vitamin D

  • Support

    We have been selling mushrooms directly to the public for almost 3 years, fighting fungi-phobia along the way by converting shroom-haters to shroom lovers! We are here for our community and here to spread the good spore!